General Motors Gulfstreams & N283SL

Two For One:

Does anyone know what has happened to General Motors fleet of Gulfstreams? They purchased these in 05 and on and carried the same registrations as their Citation X fleet (N5113, N5114, N5115). A few have changed ownership in the last year or two, but I just saw N5114 at SXM and it still has the same registration and same paint as GMs standard issue.

Had to have departed empty as it climbed out of SXM about 2x faster/higher than the Lear 60 that took off before.


Beautiful F2TH with fitted wing-lets. Does anyone know the registered owner of this aircraft? The holding company that its in: the only thing I can find with a related name is an entertainment holding company but they said they were founded in 06’ and the aircraft was registered in 07’. So someone has got to be behind the company or its entirely different.

Thanks for any info.

I heard just in the last couple of weeks that one of the big automakers pulled their aircraft off the market because they couldn’t get what they wanted. Might have been Ford though.

Photo N283SL


I’m in SXM now, does this aircraft live here?

onwed by the Silverman Group out of Short Hills NJ