Exxon Mobil switching to Gulfstream?

Looks like Exxon has sold one maybe two of their GLEX’s and already has a new G550. Anybody know more about this. Would be curious if they have 650’s and 280’s (replace their Challenger 300’s) also on order.

registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry … ertxt=300A

gulfstream.com/preowned/airc … /index.htm

controller.com/listingsdetai … 200493.htm?

Interestng analysis, nwa. Does anyone have any color on why gulfstream would be brokerng the old glex? Perhaps a trade rpogram?

All the manufacturers will take just about anything in on trade. Look at the Boeing website, they usually have Airbuses, Regional jets and sometimes even Fokkers for sale.

Looks like Exxon is selling another Global
controller.com/listingsdetai … 200493.htm?

And buying another G550
registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry … ertxt=200A

Looks like G650 serial # 6010 is going to be N100A for Exxon Mobil.

Rumor has it that one of their global’s broke and stranded their CEO somewhere remote, and he said get rid of all the bombardier aircraft and replace them with gulfstreams.

n100a delivered today G650, msn 6010 to Exxon Mobil

If this is true then it has got to be the MOST ridiculous reason for getting rid of one aircraft type for another. And, again, if it’s true, all I have to say is “poor baby. Did you miss your favorite TV show because your expensive little toy broke?”.

Really? When a company spends close to $50 million on something that is supposed to transport their CEO around with reliability, and it fails to do so, then it should be replaced. It’s the same thing as if some vital part in a refinery breaks, and shuts the entire refinery down. Exxon Mobil isn’t some private enterprise, a decision like this probably has to go through the board of directors, and CEO’s do a little more than watch TV shows…

I doubt it was one incident if any. Any number of reasons could bring about a change, depreciation running out, a good deal from Gulfstream, a new Chief Pilot who is more of a G man etc.