NetJets places order for 40 Gulfstreams . . .


Netjets order is for 4 G450’s and 4 G550’s to be delivered per year from 2012 until 2016 for a total of 40 aircraft. Order is worth 1.9 billion USD including $250 million in long-term maintenance support.

Rueters News


Pure speculation on my part but some of these may be replacement aircraft for some of the older G4’s which must be getting quite a few hours on them by now.



Great idea when you have a fleet of Gulfstreams too sell. A new Gulfstream G450 costs $40 million USD and you have to wait afew years to get it. A used G450 cost $44 million USD and you can pick it up today!!!


I saw that ad too. We’ll see if they get $44M for it in todays market. Net Jets doesn’t care about getting one today anyway, they get a nice discount from the OEM then sell them to their clients at full price. No way they are going to even consider a delivery slot.