Wal-Marts new G650

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Amazing shot!!

The GLF6 is so sleek.

I think our firends from Bentonville have picked up a bunch of LJ45s recently too.

Any idea if the GLF6 is a replacement for the GLEX or are they working on having the largest private (non fractional) jet fleet in the world?


FAA shows the GLEX N170SW still registered to Walmart, interesting that N711SW, N762MS & N102BG have been delivered but as of today all have returned and are still at KSAV.

Gulfstream likely needed the sale (and delivery) to show on the books for 2012.


Look at this long flight,

flightaware.com/live/flight/N650 … /OTBD/KTEB

“Walmart parked theirs in the rain somewhere in Asia. They flew it to Alaska and by the time they got there the door had frozen shut and they couldn’t get it open. Comedy ensued.”

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