N650GA Gulfstream G650 officially rolled out today . . .

Welcome to the new Gulfstream G650 - officially rolled out today.

Gulfstream Links on Flightaware thread
Note N601GD was reregisterd N650GA

Video Gulfstream website. The video is really cool.

I’ve got to have one. Pelosi’s got to have five.

YouTube Video FlightBlogger video of G650 rollout, includes some video of his Gulfstream ride to the event.

FlightBlogger for those unfamiliar is Jon Ostrower’s blog which appears on Flight Global’s website.

Cool plane. Gulfstream has a big wingspan.

One for trips to California from Washington, one for trips to Washington from California, one for other trips, one for her entourage, one for the media. Well, maybe two 737’s. Or perhaps it would be easier to buy a C-32. Uh-oh. They don’t make those anymore. Create a VIP version of the 767-400 for the Air Force. But, then, the 777 is bigger…

The obvious solution to this problem: buy five G650s, two 737s, the 767, and the 777.

Seriously, though, Gulfstream builds very impressive aircraft. I think everyone here, myself included, wants one. If they weren’t so expensive, I’d have a couple…but therein lies the problem.

Is it me or AT FIRST GLANCE (had to add that to avoid some incendiary remarks) does the 650 look a lot like a Global Express.

Nail on the head, my friend. :smiley:

Shame on you!!

HAHAHAHA :laughing: :laughing:

2nd Gulfstream took to the skies on Thursday, flying for 2 hours and 33 minutes, top speed of 0.80 at an altitude of 37,000 feet.

Aircraft number 1, N650GA is known as ‘T1’, and aircraft number 2, N652GD is known as ‘T2’. Both aircraft were airborne at the same time on Thursday.

T1 has 18 flights, and has flown at 0.90 at 47,000 feet.

In total there will be five flight testing aircraft, and one ground test airframe, with certification in USA and Europe in 2011.

T2 N652GA Maiden Flight Feb 25/2010



I think the Army’s using that one… :laughing: