New Gulfstream Aircraft Programs Anticipated

Mar 4, 2008 (From Aviation Week)

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. is expected to announce two new business jet aircraft programs this year, with official word on at least one of those airplanes possible this week.

JP Morgan aerospace analyst Joseph B. Nadol III issued a report in late February stating that Gulfstream “could unveil the G600, a long-range business jet” this month. In response to a question about that report Friday, a Gulfstream spokesman acknowledged that an aircraft announcement is imminent. But he would not provide any details and cautioned that speculation about a G600 designation could be off the mark.

The JP Morgan report predicts that the Savannah, Ga. manufacturer will “introduce two Gulfstream aircraft in '08, and it is possible that the March announcement will be an upgraded G250…in that case we would expect the G600 announcement later in 2008.” The report says few details about the G600 are available, “but we believe it will be a composite, widebody business jet with a range of more than 7,000 [nautical miles],” which would make the G600 “a more formidable competitor to Bombardier’s Global Express.” In addition to offering more range than the current production G550, “the G600 will have a new composite fuselage with a larger cabin,” according to the JP Morgan North America Equity Research document.

The report also states that “Management has emphasized that unlike new offerings from some competitors, the new Gulfstream aircraft will be relatively far along in the development cycle when they are introduced. It is unclear exactly, however, when an aircraft introduced this year will be delivered. Customers must wait four years for a new G550 ordered today; we would not expect it to take longer for initial G600 orders, and we believe it is possible the time to delivery could be shorter as well, in the 2010-11 timeframe.”

The 600 has been a quiet rumor around Gulfstream circles for a while, this is the first I’ve heard of the 250.


Where ya been John… :wink:

The 600/650 is the reason for the new production building going up at SAV and should be an exciting airplane. But the G250…from what I’m hearing is going to be a walk off grand slam up against the Challenger 300, Falcon 2000LX, and the new Citation Columbus…

Where have I been? Oh, just sitting around over here in the desert. Stories about the ex-IAI line are hard to come by in Saudi. :open_mouth:

Besides I haven’t been to SAV in about 20 years.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: …I can appreciate that… :wink:

Is it good living and working over there?..I have a friend who lived over there for several years in her teens when here father worked in the oil industry…of course that was a, err, a couple of years ago… :open_mouth: Dubai looks like a very nice, progressive place.

I’ll keep you up to date on the latest in SAV if you’d like…


Living here is OK, I wouldn’t say wonderful, but there are worse places to be. Lots of sunshine. 8)
Obviously working conditions depends on the employer. There are all types of those! The income tax break helps a whole lot too. I think without that most Europeans and Americans wouldn’t be here.
Every country in the region is a bit different from each other. Dubai is 90% of the way towards being just like any western city. It is clean, and has a ton of construction going on. The one major downside to the UAE is the living expense, probably 40% more than living here in Jeddah. At least the employer pays for housing around here. The roads are a lot more civilized over there, both in construction and driving habits.
The flying is easy, decent ATC, 10,000 ft. runways most with an ILS, and generally good weather.
We do get the Gulfstream newsletter every week, but it doesn’t have the good rumors so feel free to pass on anything good.

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Gulfstream planning major announcement Thursday March 13/08

Gulfstream Aerospace is planning a news conference Thursday in Savannah, Ga., one it says will affect “the future of the business-aviation industry.”

The company declined to speculate that it will announce a new, large business jet, the Associated Press said.

Sources have told The Eagle that Spirit AeroSystems has work on the new plane, which analysts predict will be called the Gulfstream 600.

Analysts and sources have said that Gulfstream also is working on an upgraded version of its midsized Gulfstream 250 business jet.

It’s now official:


Flagship Jet Is The Largest, Most Technologically Advanced Aircraft In Gulfstream Fleet

Click Here March 13/08 Gulfstream Press Release.

We were both up to the same thing…

Nice plane though…

Looks like it.
I can’t imagine why my boss would want one over his 30 year old G2 though.

Video introduction of the Gulfstream 650…

The Gulfstream G650

A buddy of mine, an engineer at gulfstream in SAV, said the G-600 is designed to fly at .95 mach at 510 with a 4000’ cabin altitude and a 5000 nm range.


Price starts at 57 million for the base model.

A pressure vessel strong enough to give a pressure differential from 51,000 to 4000 feet is a lot of weight to lug up to FL510. Wouldn’t be surprised to see that number change. That means going from 12.7 pounds per square inch inside to 1.7 pounds per square inch outside plus a safety margi, which takes some pretty serious wall thickness.

I questioned that too, but he seemed confident that that was the correct information.

If Swearingen can do a 12 psi differential on the SJ30, then I think Gulfstream can manage it on the G650. It’s high, that’s for sure, but not impossibly so. Besides, Gulfstream doesn’t often say things unless they are sure they can back them up.

Just got the May Flying mag in the mail… The G650 is on the cover, along with a nice little preview story.
Also says the pressurization will be 10.7 psi, giving a 4850’ cabin @ FL510, or a 2765’ cabin @ FL410. Takeoff weight is 99,600 lbs, barely legal for KTEB…

Gulfstream G650’s interview with Gulfstream Aerospace President Joe Lombardo at EBACE/08.

FlightGlobal News from August 29/08.

FAA Records Gulfstream has reserved registrations N650GA and N650GD.

any news on the G250 project?