Gulfstream GV/G550 vs. Bombardier GLEX

What makes the Gulfstream more popular. I like both.

Gulfstream has a:

smaller cabin
longer range
slower speed

Bombardier has
the opposite

ahem, that’s like asking why my Rolls Royce is better than my Ford.


And that’s all there is to say about that! :wink:

Both powered by BMW/Rolls Royce.

Both companies owned, or were owned by General Dynamics.

Gulfstream, once owned by Chrysler Corporation, good old Detroit!!, now owned by General Dynamics.

Bombardier, which used to be Canadair, was once owned by Convair, which at the time was owned by General Dynamics. Bombardier plant in Toronto, who manufacture the Global’s, used to be owned by Boeing.

The Global, a somewhat ultra-long range Challenger!!!, the Challenger, was designed by Bill Lear (as in the Learjet) as the Lear Star 600, which he sold to Canadair.

The Gulfstream II had a 30 year jump on the first Global, and really didn’t have any competition for those 30 years. Just about every major Government, many of the Fortune 500 companies, and the rich and famous flew around on the first Gulfstreams.

The rest of ‘us’, grew up watching them!!

Which aircraft is best, I kinda like the Falcon 7X, but as a Canadian, I’d pick… The Gulfstream hands down.

It’s just that good.

The Ultimate Gulfstream Site

The up and coming Global Express site

Reminds me of the old advertising slogan…

“Ask the Man who Owns One”

How about Oprah. Guess the new slogan is ‘Ask the woman who owns one!’.

This was her GIV-SP , and here is her current Global Express (photo find via damiross.)

As a long time Gulfstream customer, when the “O” was ready to step up to an ultra long-range airplane she wanted to trade her G-IVSP for a G-550. Unfortunately the lead-time for a new G-550 was longer than she was willing to wait and Bombardier had a Global available immediately, so she made the switch.

Falcon 7X Cover story in Flying, October 2008.
Very interesting…it trims itself!

still no actual reasons as to why?

Williams-Sonoma (luxury cooking store and owner of Pottery Barn) recently sold their Global Express. Here is the aircraft:

I just don’t think you can beat the runway presence of the G550. Especially with those big beautiful windows! Not to mention the incredible reliabilty and performance of the airplane.

wider cabin
better short-field performance

you have to go with the glex

…nwaqs, you have it all wrong…

N77aw. What about the fact that Gulfstream has a much better maintenance infrastructure set up for its planes around the world. Also this will all be a mute point once the G650 comes on line.

  • Gulfstream Product Support… #1 in all surveys
  • Gulfstream Quality (Airframe and Interior)… Markedly better than Bombardier
  • Gulfstream has better range/payload numbers
  • Gulfstream Planeview avionics system far superior.
  • Gulfstream has huge customer appeal and the large cabin windows are just one of those appeals. Customer surveys bear that out.

BHXUK1…I’m not sure where you’re getting your performance info, but the max speeds are within one hundredth of a mach number…which is negligible in normal operating conditions. The Mmo for both airplanes is a limit, not a norm. In reality, they are pretty even in segment block times. As far as runway performance, the Global has a greater BFL than the Gulfstream for which it requires the added weight and maintenance costs of leading-edge devices just to fall short of the Gulfstream. Again, advantage Gulfstream.

Well, I think “robbreid” gave you a pretty good reason already:

Some things are more influential and go deeper than which one is faster, or which one looks “badder.” What is it you want to hear?

I got them from thier official sites

This comparison is a little bit tough to make, especially since the globals really haven’t been around that long, so there isn’t that many, especially compared to gulfs. I know of one owner, and they were after a gulf, but they ended up with a 604 because of the wait, and they liked it so much that they now fly a global 5000.

I have to say they have only had a couple minor issues, but they give bombardier good marks for the actual support. I guess this really should be attributed to the high level of automation and technology when compared to the gulfstream.

As for the quality, I don’t know how there could even be a rating on the interior, but my understanding is there are no complaints.

As stated before range/payload/speed are all in the same ballpark. A couple hundred miles makes no difference with a jet like this.

Planeview is a good suite, but I really don’t think you can call it superior since the collins proline fusion is out. Take a look at that system.

Customer appeal is one thing and gulfstream has the name, but if you ask me, I would prefer a global.

I beleive they are a better airplane, and the pilots I know now believe they are flying a superior machine.

Comparing system automation…Bombardier has a way to go to reach the level of a “G”.

Having flown several Collins Proline 21 equipped airplanes, I like the system a lot. However, the Planeview system and Gulfstream’s cockpit CCD is far superior. As the Fusion system is not yet certified, it’ll be interesting to see how it compares as it matures.

In regards to overall quality, reliability, and performance…ask any operator who has experience with both products. You will find that the majority will give the nod to Gulfstream.

The bombardier line has been out since the mid '70’s, even the Global is, what, 15 years old? I’d say it is a mature product.

Our mechanic used to work for a shop that specialized in the Challenger line along with an occasional Global, Hawker, Jetstar, G2 etc. Going on what he hears the Global still has little niggling problems, even on new aircraft. Not that the G550 is always perfect on delivery but it’s problems are almost always related to the completion, not the basic airplane. Both share the same engine so there is no difference there. The Global has a wider cabin, but that is really it’s only big advantage.
Both aircraft still suffer from the poor mechanical reputations they got early in the programs. Except for the engine blade inspections that have to be done on both aircraft the early problems have been addressed.

G2 with “steam driven” gauges.

G550: Better performance, better factory support, better reliability, superior technology.

GLEX: Wider cabin.

The GLEX is a ways behind in cockpit technology, the Primus 1000 system that is in the aircraft now is late 90’s technology. The Fusion cockpit looks like it will be pretty good, but by the time that comes out, the G650 will be almost in service, and will mostly likely blow doors on the GLEX.

But, alot of times the cabin sells the airplane, because that’s where the guy that writes the checks sits.