G550, Global or Falcon 7X?

Just curoious if you had the choice btween a G550, Global or the Falcon 7X which one you would take and why!!! Not that I could ever afford one, but it’s nice to dream.

Falcon 7X because I like jets with 3 engines better than jets with 2.

May have 3 engines, but only 1 thrust reverser :open_mouth:

Yeah, I never quite understood that. Why only give it one thrust reverser?

cost and weight. And the Falcon lands fairly slow thanks to a great wing so 3 TR’s are not really required.

…except when they are! :laughing:

Have you ever heard how LOUD the Falcon’s are with one reverser??? Any more and we’d be breaking all manner of noise limits!

Having worked on all three of these aircraft i would pick a gulfstream anyday. Globals are the caddilac of the skys where a gulfstream is the porche. Falcons are the french equal of a learjet. So if your flyin around on a learjet your just a poor rich man.

Gulfstream. Any day.

None of the above. I’ll take a G650, please. :smiley:

I’ll take a Falcon if I’m doing the driving, a Global if I’m sitting in the back, and a Gulfstream if I have to deal with maintenance.