Gulfstream G-IV vs. G-V

I have noticed that the G-IV has 6 windows on the side of the airplane and that seems to be pretty standard in the photos that have been posted.

However I have noticed that a majority of the G-V’s in the photos posted have 7 windows. There are a few that are posted and even operate as a G-V that only have six windows. (see the aircraft below). Can someone tell me if these are infact G-V’s or if it is an error? I would just like to be able to look at an aircraft at the airport or in a picture and know what type it is.


That second one that he has a picture of N516GH. I followed into Provo on the 12th.

It was VFR and dude was cleared for the visual. he preceded to the Final Approach fix did a full procedure turn, which made have to slow down and hold. I had the Airport in sight 20 miles out.
I was spitting mad…

According to the FAA N-Number Inquiry, both aircraft in question are G-Vs. I believe the version with 7 windows are GV-SP, or I think its now known as the G550/500.

The easiest way to tell the difference is the thrust reverser section. A G-IV is bare metal while a G-V is painted.

In addition to what the others said, the new 350/450/500/550 all have the new style thrust reversers that are painted. The 350/450 have the one foot extension to the fuselage compared to the G4. There is no way to tell a 4 from a 4SP other than to read the serial number on the data plate. The 5 has 6 windows, the 500/550 has 7.
If you want to go back in time a bit further, the 2 and 3 have smaller diameter engines, the 3 has 2 curved windshields, the 2 has 6 flat cockpit windows. The 2 with the G3 wing is the 2B. You can tell the difference in winglets by whether or not it is “blended”. If it is a sharp curve, it is a 2B or 3. If it is blended it is a 2SP. If it has props and the crew has hearing aids it is a G1.
And, last but not least, if it has tip tanks there is a one in nineteen chance it’s me. 8)

John in Saudi

Bravo! I could see the differences in the engine sizes, windshields etc, it was throwing me for a loop, plus I didn’t have the time to really explore the question so I knew you fine people would help out. Thanks for all the help!

porterjet…without looking at the thrust reversers, do you know how to tell the difference btwn a iv/ivsp and 450? Ooo, Ooo, I know, I know…

lets hear it azav8r!!

Look at the certificate of airworthiness located just inside the aircraft

easier, damiross…you can tell from 100yds of yards away…any thoughts

No more windscreen wipers on the G450 and the MED has been moved a couple of feet aft vs. the G-IV/SP. Those two changes and the redesigned engine nacelles with the Nordam reversers are the “at a glance” tells. :wink:

The easiest way that I know of is that the one foot stretch is between the door and the cockpit. Is that the one you mean?

What’s a MED

lol, I guess we were typing at the same time.

Main Entry Door.


Also the 450 pilots don’t have to go to the gym every day.

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Old one… … e=GLF4;o=5

New one… … =GLF4;o=85