Single Piston Aircraft over NY traveling 563 kts at FL270!!!
The 550 knot GS flight.
the track log to the above flight.
Link to the G200.
Winds Aloft for the North East.

I’m the man! Speed flocks to me. (C750/G200)

BTW: That’s faster than a Gulfstream G200!

That IS A Gulfstream G200. Look at the A/C details. Someone put the type in wrong, it should be GALX, the G200 is a remake of the Galaxy.

A quick FAA N-number search will confirm that N221BS is indeed a jet, not a single piston.

I just figured out that they messed up the A/C type on the log when I saw “GLF2” there.

When I saw “G200” in the A/C type search page, I saw next to it “Giles G-200.” So I googled “Giles G-200” and found a single engine prop. It also said “(single-piston).” So I concluded that it was a prop (Ooops!). :cry: My 550 knot prop crashed! I’m ruined! I spent millions on it and it turned out to be a scam! [/crying]

[blitzer mode, ON]I gonna make bumper stickers that say, FlightAware Lied![/blitzer]

insert standard disclaimer about only repeating what the FAA tells us with regard to aircraft type

Ohhhh HO HO! Are you squealing, “The FAA made me do it!”

Here’s another one. This time the single piston is at FL370 with a GS of 511 kts. It’s got 1 (one) minute left on its ETE and is half way through the flight. This could be a UFO making up his own xpndr code. :laughing:

Looks like another typo to me, should be a G200. If you click on details for N200AX you get a Gulfstream 2. Past flights under that callsign all seem to be Gulfstream models.