Interesting Flight



Looks like the boys at Cessna have answered the GV challenge that was thrown down. I love that flight aware has become nothing more than a very expensive etch-a-sketch…


This is a keeper! Here’s the permanent link: … /KICT/KICT


Looks like Cessna was channeling a MiG-19. Clever.


Very cool indeed!! :slight_smile: Nice 1st post hondosan.



**Wow…that is great…keeper is right



Anybody have the G-V link?



Thanks! Ack!




Those are sweet. An etch a sketch it is. Just a bit larger scale.



To think: (1) someone actually flew this pattern, (2) someone actually found this flight pattern here on FightAware, and (3) I’m actually looking at this pattern and will archive it for my personal amusement!

Is this a great world or what!


Although us civilians may think being a test pilot is exciting, I’m pretty sure that the test pilots get bored with it after a while. I think it’s great that they are able to develop ways of keeping alert and still doing their job. Just an opinion - not dissing anyone else’s posting.


If the CX guys really want to out-do themselves, they could try spelling out “Mach .91”


That would only be funny if they did it while flying Mach .92 :stuck_out_tongue:


Am I the only one that can see it replicates FA’s favicon?


In a sense yes, if that is what you think they were replicating.


I can’t handwrite cursive numbers let alone fly em! :laughing:
The Gulfstream one is impressive, but the Cessna one, wow, I guess they had to fly exactly as filed. Imagine plotting that one out to find the proper fixes to use.


Kinda makes you wonder what the center controllers were thinking. 8)


I predict that “raising the bar” on this type of deal will involve smoke trails that show up (eventually) on Google Earth. w00t!