Yet Another Record!

the horses in that PC12 of his again!all

One minute from BOS to MHT is notable activity I’d say.



Is cfi’s N-number 515AF? If so I’ll have to track him.

That’s one of them, he’ll usually fly a different PC12 every week, all depends on scheduling.

That one IS odd. The others have all been where we had an IFR on file, but then flew VFR. We definatly were IFR last night, it was quite crummy everywhere we went last night.

It should this. Looks like cfi cancled his IFR.

Did you see my last post?
I can assure you, we did not cancel IFR that night, MHT was something like 500 overcast.


The flight map just shows a small green line a couple of nm N of the departure arpt, and then its gone. So I assumed you cancled. And no, I didn’t see your post. :blush:

S’ok, it happens.
I still dont know why our track vanished, I thought maybe that might happen if we stay in Tower Enroute Control, but we didnt, we get handed off to Boston Approach like normal.
I dont think that trip could be done in one minute even if I was flying this:
(copyright) me!

Of course not, you have the airbrake on, genius…DUH!!!

Nice pic though.

Beautiful picture!! Great clarity, especially for a moving F-15!!

Yeah, but I keep telling the boy he has GOT to stop buzzing the Whitehouse! :wink:

(Actually, that probably was taken at Oshkosh, he got some great shots while he was there. Most likely taken with his EOS Rebel.)

Yup, but that one’s STILL not good enough for (a few others have though, but i have since more or less given up trying)

If that’s not quality, I don’t know what is. I don’t try to upload anymore. I just take the pics for myself. They don’t seem to care so I won’t waste’s and my time.

Cfi probably got “bumped” in favor of a close-up shot of a cracked altimeter on an old Cessna single-piston sitting in the weeds somewhere. I can’t figure out how some of those pics get accepted. There’s a lot of GREAT shots, and some…well…crap.

I know exactly what you mean! :slight_smile: I’ve been wondering about the same thing too.

How many PC-12s does HUGHES LOGISTICS INC own?

Not only that, but are they in the market for a marketing guy? j/k

I don’t know, but you could search the FAA registry database and find out.

Or were you really asking how many planes Alpha-Flight/PlaneSense, CFI’s employer, owns?

The name that comes up on FlightAware is only ONE of the owners of the airplane. (i guess the first owner in that airplane) If you search the FAA database for the same N-number there is one name listed at the top, but it also says that is a fractional ownership. At the bottom is a list of all the other owners in that plane.
PlaneSense currently has 22 aircraft in the program.
Edit: Wow, way bigger than I wanted, oh well.