Rare Visitor

We had an unusual guest the other day…an Antonov AN-124. I don’t know how much runway they need, but it used nearly all 8,000 feet we had to offer here at KMFR. The first 4-holer I’ve seen in the valley.

Do you have any more information on the AN-124? I can’t find it in the arrivals at or departures from MFR page.

My son reported seeing it at KIAD last week.

Latest track for ADB928F shows it left the US yesterday bound for Prestwick, but it’s odd that no other activity is shown while in the US.

Probably because it’s not an “N” registered aircraft Dan?

What kind of plane do they use for the Formula 1 boys use when they fly into Canada and INDY which is coming up later this summer


Thought it be a big one

It wasnt DIA, it was IAD (Dulles)
Might not have been the same one either. Theres a picture on Airliners.net of three of them at SLC at once, COOL!

That’s what I said!

It arrrived in Medford on June 2nd and departed on June 3rd at 1:00pm. It came to Medford from the San Jose, CA area and departed from Medford to Canada. It was registered to the Russian Confederation. That’s all I know.

Hasn’t shown up on FA? Likely because foreign aircraft aren’t included in our dataset by default. :frowning:

Might have been this one.

But this should show up because they usuall operated under a callsign rather than registration.

OK…here it is. It was VDA4664.

FIA charters a B747 and splits it among the teams; I know that the top teams all bring additional cargo, but I’m not sure what types they use.

Not sure I got the date right (allowing for GMT) but this is all I see on ACARS:
Results for VI4664 for the 4th of June 2006
RA-82046 logged @ 12:00 GMT **1(100)
Key100 = Shannon, Eire

The SNN destination does tie up though.

Is it posible that the An 124 is flying military cargo from states to Europe (beyond) and is there fore blocked. I notice as these planes come into Gander they are picked up FA but the track is lost as it crosses into US territory.

I know this was a long time ago, But i do know that the Antonov flies into medford, once or twice a year to purchase Erickson Air Crane helicopters which are made in Medford. They can fit two of the huge suckers in the giant bird. They take them back to Russia for logging.

I have a couple buddies of mine that work at the FBO’s in Gander and Goose Bay.

The AN124 do in fact on many occasions transport Military equipment from the USA-Overseas.

They also do that for the Canadian Military but you can usually track them on FA.

Russian planes hauling US military equipment. Boy, the world has changed.

Blackwater… :astonished:

We have had other threads here that discuss the Antonovs flying the mine resistant armored vehicles from Charleston Air Force base…

I even found a nice link to the Charleston newpaper article that outlines who the Russian companies are that are contracted to do the work…the article is from 2008…

postandcourier.com/news/2008 … jets26735/

We had a Antonov An-124 in Dayton the other day.


I have more here
facebook.com/album.php?aid=3 … 909ce39e0c