Lack of An-124 activity on FA

I have noticed the past week or so that there is a distinct lack of An-124 activity on FA. I read a report in my local paper of an AN-124 visit to Winnipeg, and that it’s visit was all " hush hush ". I know, the fact I read about in the paper really means it wasn’t all that hushed. There was mention of it being chartered by the US military.

So, is there a big push on by the US Government that requires these flights to be blocked because they are " military " or is this a lull in An-124 activity and nothing more?

As an aside, I was able to track the deliveries of the Canadian Leopard Tanks from Edmonton through Goose Bay a few months previous. Easy in Canada because we have to contract out all our heavy lift needs until delivery of ordered C-17’s. One of my friends wanted some pictures so I have been tracking, hoping one will fuel up close to home.

In the last week-ish I see:

 ADB404F | A124         | GVAC   | KIAH
 POT306  | A124         | CYWG   | EGVN
 POT306  | A124         | KYUM   | CYWG
 VDA2399 | A124         | EDDP   | KCHS
 VDA4674 | A124         | CYQX   | EINN
 VDA4674 | A124         | CYWG   | CYQX
 VDA4674 | A124         | CYYC   | CYWG
 VDA4675 | A124         | USNN   | KGRK
 VDA4720 | A124         | KBGR   | EDDP
 VDA4720 | A124         | KCHS   | KBGR
 VDA4728 | A124         | CYWG   | BIKF
 VDA4728 | A124         | KGRK   | KRIV
 VDA4728 | A124         | KRIV   | CYWG

And two more that filed but never flew.


I must be sleep’n when their fly’n.

There is actually been several,i live close enough to a flight path they traverse all the time,also maybe a little lull,i know they have been used overseas more in the last couple of weeks.

I was thinking a lull. I usually see three to four per week coming through my area. But the time I want to go out and “see” one there are none. Like Big Foot! :wink:

The flight I thought was blocked showed up with **mduell’**s help. That was VDA4728. I also noticed that Gander Center had a mistype and entered one as type: An-24. … /CYQX/KJAX

Looking at the track log, it most likely was an An-124 based on duration, speed and altitude of the flight.