upcoming AN-124 flights

Volga-Dnepr will be operating two, one-way flights from Wheeler Sack AAF (Fort Drum), NY to Southern California Logistics Airport (Victorville), CA between 4 and 6 August.

Load: 10 OH-58D helicopters and associated equipment.

Justification: The applicant asserts that DOD needs the subject lift to meet highly time-sensitivetraining and operational mission schedules; that the DOD organic lift scheduled to itransport the cargo was diverted to other areas; that the cargo is too large for transportation on any commercially available U.S. aircraft; and that surface transportation is not feasible because of the delicate nature of the cargo and urgency of the shipment.

source: Docket OST-2006-25540

Any possiblity of this becoming a “sticky” topic. I think it would be interesting to see the AN-124 services within the USA.

Uh-oh! Some poor USA slobs are headed to the armpit for some desert flight training!

And there ain’t no AC in Kiowas! :open_mouth:

last sunday 13 of august volga dneper antonov an 124 condor arrive to tocumen international airport , volga dneper is planing to open new flights from london to panama!!! :smiley:

Volga lands in Medford, OR (KMFR) once a month and usually heads into Canada from there. That AN-124 uses most of the 8,000 feet available. Pretty cool to watch.

Where’ve you been Skyking?

I am kind of new to this site.
Antonov-124 comes to KBDL from time to time. Is there a way on this site to figure out that the aircraft is coming?

Go to dmses.dot.gov and do an advanced search using Volga or one of the other AN-124 carriers in the appropriate field.

Polet betweem August 27 and August 31 has a couple of flights:
Minot AFB, ND, to Andersen AFB, Guam
Andersen AFB to Whiteman AFB, MO
Both flights stop in Honolulu

Note: The aircraft MAY file GUM for Guam or HIK for Honolulu (Hickam AFB)

AN124 are transiting PANC right now. Was there on 8-28 to 8-30 and there were 2 parked overnight on 8-28. Watched one depart on the 29th to the west (what a pig on climbout compared to a 747 or MD11!). Was standing at the end of runway 32 when it departed, what a KICK :laughing: . We actually could feel the wake vorticies when it left. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can see An-124 enter/exit N.American airspace via cyqx (Gander).

Upon landing here at Raleigh-Durham (KRDU) I saw an An124 sitting over at the cargo ramp. Its scheduled departure is not listed on FlightAware yet, I wonder when it’s leaving; I’d love to see it. I just wish the weather were better:

I also wish that damn pole wasn’t there…

Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s an An-225, the An-124’s big brother. :wink:


James, how did you miss that one, with the six-engines and all? [Not to mention the somewhat-legible “Antonov 225” written on the raised nose] :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s the ONLY An-225 in existence, correct?

Duh James!
I knew that was an An225. really…honest! I was telling the guy I’m flying with all about it. I knew this old topic existed and I did a search for “antonov.” I didn’t even notice that I had written 124 (was in a hurry to go get some grub.)

Yes, Pika I think is it the only one.(smartass, by the way!) There were a few other people braving the weather to get a view of it as well. Someone had convieniently left a movable staircase in the parking lot, made getting a shot of it a little easier.

Pika? 0-for-2!! Care to try one more? :wink:

I quit, I’m going to bed.
(by the way, I just got back from seeing “Flags of our Fathers”. It’s pretty good.)

One AN-225 flying. A second one was partially built. Antonov has been working on the second one for several years now to get it to flying condition.

Even though it’s not an AN124 (stupid, stupid) I found it, it’s ADB1414. No linky 'cuz it doesn’t exist yet. Leaving RDU at 12 Midnight going to Gander. I saw them backing a tractor-trailer into it but didn’t get to see what the cargo might be.

Question: When the world’s largest airplane flys over your hotel after midnight, do people notice?
Answer: Holy crap I thought the ceiling was going to fall in.

Not just loud, as afterburners are much louder, but the rumble was quite different than any other airplane last night. The hotel is exactly 1 mile from the end of the runway and people were talking about it at breakfast. I wanted to tell them, “well, yea, it was the world’s largest airplane!”

Enroute to Shannon now (10:30am EDT) after stopping in Gander last night.

I just read on the “other” site that it’s carrying a power-generating turbine to Tanzania that was apparently manufactured in a Raleigh GE facility. James, how lucky were you to have overnighted there on one of those rare occasions when the beastly Mriya visits the US!!