AN-124 in KIAG(Niagara Falls, NY)


The AN-124 is scheduled to arrive in KIAG around 7pm EST tonight, Dec 10th. The flight is arriving from Conakry Airport, Guinea, Africa. Will see if I can get any more info.


All through December there have been numerous AN-124s and a couple -225s going from Charleston, SC through Bangor, Maine and onward to Europe. It’s likely military-related freight, without being more specific than that.


Without compromising national security, here’s the following. … ight=an124

The 124’s out of Charleston are more than likely military charters. … ight=an225

The recent An-225 visits have been related to the transportation of over sized industrial equipment. Though I don’t have a link for it, I remember hearing that Boeing was using the An-225 to carry engines or other production parts into the Seattle area.

When I saw the The An-124 was going to be in the Niagara area, the first thing that came to my mind is that it had something related to theme parks in the area that have African animals on display.

Airport activity, Charleston SC.

End transmision. 8)


One other possibility–although a bit far-fetched–is that some of the stuff is related to the Boeing 787 program.

Also, printing presses are huge items, and are often carried aboard these out-sized freighters.


Arrival … /GUCY/KIAG


Just based on my experience observing previous An-124 flight patterns, I would say it came from Africa with less than a full load, or light over sized load because of the long duration of the flight without fuel stop. It left Niagara Falls with a heavy load as noted by the full stop at CYQX ( Gander ) before traveling on to Europe.

As for load types???


The AN-124 was empty arriving into KIAG, and departed with many tractor-trailers worth of industrial compressors and valve assemblies.


Considering the flight number ending in the letter “F,” I had the feeling it was a ferry flight.


Na. It was stuff from Love Canal :wink:

I can say that, I grew up in Buffalo.