AN-225 headed to Anchorage, 6/21/2010



Maybe it will come to MSY with more oil spill stuff?

We had these 747’s from China recently, … /ZBTJ/KMSY … /ZBTJ/PANC … /PANC/KMSY


Looks like it’s going onto CLT.


Headed to NC over 7 states

looks like it left a lot earlier than scheduled.


And here is why it is headed to Charlotte:


Listening to it come into land on KCLT ATC. Referred to as “That big Russian plane”

“Look to your right you won’t see that very often”


the AN 225 was carrying two 60-plus-ton rotors from a power plant in Thailand for emergency repairs at Siemens. The rotors come from a combined-cycle, gas-powered plant in the Thai province at the north end of the Gulf of Thailand and are part of the steam turbines that produce electricity from the heat produced by the gas turbines at the plant.


About to fly back to Ukraine. Left later than planned. 11 and a half hour flight now.



here’s one coming in to visit today… … /CYQX/KMSY


That’s an An-124. A fair bit smaller, but still an impressive, and unusual airplane.