Antonov AN-225 in Charlotte, NC, October 1, 2010


There was an article in the Charlotte Observer on June 23, 2010, about the Antonov AN-225 which I found online when trying to identify this plane today… I had the very unexpected surprise and thrill of seeing the Antonova AN-225 in flight, I presumed just after take-off, this afternoon as I was leaving work about 5:25pm. I wasn’t sure what kind of plane it was so I called Gary and told him about it. As I was exiting I485 at South Tryon, this plane was coming back in for a landing. I called Gary again to have him look out our front door because I knew he’d have a great view from our front porch. He was also amazed at the size of this plane. It is an awesome sight to see it in the air!!! Gary thought maybe it had circled the city in order to be positioned for a landing on runway 18C. I hope I get to see it again soon!!! What a cool way to end the day!


I’d love to see one in person.

We’ve had the 124 at MSY before but never the 225 I don’t think.


Yeah, but who’s Gary?


my guess is one of the following ranked according to liklihood:
boyfriend/husband/domestic partner
nephew or uncle

Is Gary on the list, catlady?


Gary’s my husband of 7 years (this month).
I still don’t know why the Antonov AN-225 was here yesterday, but since it was delivering rotors for Siemens in June, I suspect it was here for similar reasons. I have not found anything online about it yet. If anyone knows why it was here, I’d love to know just to satisfy my curiosity. Seeing it fly was such an awesome sight to behold! :slight_smile:


Flight plan filed, scheduled to depart 4:00PM today. … /KCLT/KBGR


I am simply a plane enthusiast. My wife and I will go over to the outlook and watch commercial departures and arrivals for a fun Friday night. When I was driving home from work and saw this behemoth arriving I was in awe. I took a picture that looked a little like a picture you would see of bigfoot, and have been trying to figure out what it was for almost a week now. Thank you for the great information in here.

Is there any way to know when this would be arriving again? Is there a group that gets together when unique aircraft arrive here in Charlotte?