Antonov at KRFD


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The Antonov landed at KRFD today, for refeuling and to rest the crew, before it heads to Europe tonight.

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I see this aircraft all the time where I am located.


It seems like there’s at least a few of them in the states every week but mostly around TX and ME. The 225 however, isn’t here that often. I think it’s gonna be flying into CLT in October to pick up a turbine.


Yeah - I think they are using it to haul parts. Sometimes people and vehicles too I think. I am not quite sure. I do not work on the flight-line. But I do know this aircraft is on the tarmac here from time to time. But I can not track it going to and from so I cannot be sure where exactly it is going after it leaves here. My guess would be Ramstein.


Had one at MSY a month or so back carrying oil spill boom from Shannon, Ireland.


the miiltary charters these aircraft often to transport oversized vehciles that domestic airlines can’t handle.

Lockheed quite often uses them to transport satellites and rockets also

you can see the exemptions requested for the AN-124 by going to using hte advanced search enter antonov for the search term and check the box for DOT. best view is by docket. open each docket in a separate window


Interesting David, thanks for that.


who’s david?


who’s david?

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You can track these. The prefix is VDA.


Is he gone for good??? Maybe he’ll come back under another name. It’s been a bit quiet!


I believe he’s already here, albeit incognito.

Flying under the radar as it were. :wink:


Sneaky bastard!!! 8)


Apparently the squelch is turned WAY up as well! :wink: