Antonov AN124 on the ground at ATL today


Story with photo:


These are regular visitors to KBDL. Not sure what they are doing here, but they come in fairly often. I’ve seen them here 5 - 6 times in the last 12 months. One was here yesterday, and left for Leipzig last night.


There has also been a couple of flights out of KMIA in past week, all aid flights to Japan.


Probably picking up/dropping off GE engines.


Like 777 said, it’s for a giant pump headed from our neck of the woods to Japan. And I have no idea why it had to be trucked to Atl - our local article mentions that it’ll be carried on a 225, but the flight is a 124 and either of those could get into CHS (We get 124’s almost daily, but I’d love to see a 225 here). A story from our paper about it: … -to-japan/