AN-225 at Melbourne, FL - 3/3/2011



I was just logging in to make this post… heading down to get some pics this morning. Gotta love the 6 jet! :open_mouth:


ADB2472/A225 has just filed a flight plan. It is scheduled to depart from KMLB (Melbourne Intl) at 04:00AM PST heading for KBGR (Bangor Intl) for an estimated arrival at 07:06AM PST.

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They won’t say what they’re carrying.


Unfortunately, that is a subscriber only site.


That’s strange… It’s full text if you look up “Antonov” in google news.

“All that was known about the Antonov’s visit to Melbourne was that it was here to pick up unknown cargo from an unidentified contractor to take it to what is believed to be an overseas destination.For Melbourne International, the details weren’t as important as the visual message: “This certainly should put to rest any questions about the airport’s ability to handle large aircraft,” said Rick Cloutier, airport director of operations. “We can handle any aircraft in the world, including the largest.””


Hello from Venezia- I was in KNEW A few months ago and it was sitting on the ramp. The ground dude said they off-loaded a bunch of large boats and were just sitting there waiting for another job. They are just hired guns. The cargo is nothing special.


Being involved with the operation of this fine aircraft I can assure you that they are not “just hired guns”, the aicraft is operated in full accordance with FAA and ICAO operating directives and would not be allowed into US airspace unless abiding by these rules, and as you say the cargo was nothing special.

PS he has never been to KNEW :unamused:


Settle down. I don’t think he was saying the crew and the operation of the aircraft of some kind of crap operation. I think the “hired guns” comment was just saying that the plane and crew is hired to do a job like any other cargo operation. It just happens to be a bad ass aircraft. 8)

PS - I would assume he meant KMSY, not KNEW.


It was meant as a pun, English humour differs :smiley: :smiley:

We shall have to get him back over the pond again soon :stuck_out_tongue:



You’re right I haven’t been to KNEW, I was thinking of KMSY. I’m a little rummy after flying 160 hours in 6 weeks.


My apologies. Obviously I missed it. :slight_smile:

Now let’s seem some cool pictures of that incredible aircraft you get to be involved with!