Antonov An-225 at MIA Today


An Antonov An-225 arribed at MIA this afternoon for an overnight prior to departing for Haiti with relief aid. The flight started in Narita, Japan with a stop in Fairbanks, Alaska.


Awesome pictures! Wish I was there to see this monster.
It sure holds a lot of relief goods! thumbs up

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Wonder why some Saudi Prince never bought one of those and tricked it out? That thing is the ultimate package extension.


Awesome! Man you’re lucky. I see 124’s come flying into CHS weekly, but in 5 yrs living here have never seen a 225. That’s one I’m wanting to scratch off my list!

Edit: I was reading about that thing on wikipedia and it says it’s not designed for STOL operations. Who knew??


Awesome shots, love the crab in the first one.

Could you upload the originals to our photos section?



Can the runway and aprons at MTPP handle that behemoth?

What’s the footprint weight like on that thing when loaded?

I have this image in my mind of it landing in what will appear to be an Engineered Arresting System!


MTPP did see the Ilyushin Il-76 recently ().

And I’m quite sure one or more A124’s visited MTPP in the week after the quake. (EDIT: )

So the airport seems to be able to handle these giants.


Both of those aircraft were designed to operate out of remote and unimproved airstrips, and have very light footprints. The an-225 was never intended to fly into such environs.


Lucky man, I remember when we had an An-124 land here in Dayton, coolest thing I’ve seen besides Air Force One. I don’t think I’ll ever see an An-225 but maybe in a few years I’ll see the plane it was built to rival, the Boeing 747 SCA if the NMUSAF (KFFO) gets a Space Shuttle.


OHHHH MANNN this is like a mile stone :smiley: in my life having the chance 2 c this “flying …this flying” i dont what words to use. But I cant believe i saw it when it landed (video on youtube) and now im dieing to see it take off !!!
if any1 knows then its leaving miami plz tell me lol thanks lol


I’m in KTLH and on my way to MIA next I’ll get a crappy pic with my iPhone if it’s still there


I get to watch it takeoff. Scheduled for 4:30am. It’s about 39 degrees. It’s freezing in S Florida.


Just departed at 4:42 AM for MDSD, Republica Dominicana. I found strange it would land on MTPP.


I would love to see this thing but I’m in an unusually cold, Orlando (39 degrees F as I type this!)

Anyone know what the flight routing is coming back? The AN-124s used to stop at KMCO often, I highly doubt this one will.


I get to watch it takeoff. Scheduled for 4:30am. It’s about 39 degrees. It’s freezing in S Florida.


The aircraft will return to MIA on Friday, don’t have a time yet.


As did I. Las Americas can handle it though, they’re constructed for handling 747s on a regular basis, not the case at MTPP IIRC.


Its 19 with the windchill…was 15 earlier here…My heart goes out to ya Jason…NOT!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

And what for the love of Jesus is this!!? a High of 65!!! I’m sooo appalled!! :laughing:


Hey - it was 30 this morning in Charleston when I left for work. They’re calling for SNOW here tomorrow night and Saturday morning - something I haven’t seen in the 5 yrs I’ve lived here.