An-225 is coming to Seattle and Columbus


Link to DOT docket

Aug 30-Sept 4

I am so there.

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Its already in KCLK:


I am debating going to see it tonight at around 10:30 or praying its still there in the morning


It’s flying to Paine I assume?

I hope I can SO be THERE!


Where are you gonna go see it?


The application docket PDF says Boeing Field, though one of the applications says “or Seattle International”.

The last GEAE flight of this kind I saw landed at KBFI and that was with an Volga-Dneppr An-124. (my pictures).

At the park at the end of KBFI if they’re using 13R… I’ll just go over near the BNSF train tracks if its 31L. Hope its a daytime flight…

The park has this angle:

The BNSF area has this angle:


Well I decided to take a ride out and see it. Just massive. It’s currently parked near the FedEx facilities at Rickenbacker. I’m gonna head back out in the morning and get pictures if it is still around.


Can’t believe I missed this, I check lck all the time trying to spot a 747 which sometimes climb out right over us. I hoping they file a flight plan with enough time for me to get over and see it take off. Where’s a good place to spot out there?


I got to see it clearly this morning. The nose cargo door was open and looked like they were loading. I will hopefully try to upload some pictures at some point if they come out ok.


Filed to KBFI as ADB2894, ETA 1700 PDT.

Enjoy !


Thanks so much!


can’t find that on FA, guessing about a 1700 ET departure?

#13 has it listed, but its not showing up on its own yet


well, poopie, it never did show up on LCK’s scheduled departures. Maybe i’ll catch it when it comes back.


Your tracked aircraft ADB2894 has just taken off from KLCK (Rickenbacker Intl) en route to KBFI (Boeing Field/King County Intl) for an arrival at 05:09PM PDT.

For more information on this flight, visit the FlightAware website at


The scoop:

Its bringing in two 777 engines to Boeing Field and ferrying 4 engines to Moses Lake/Grant County (KMWH).

The site of 4 engines on the tarmac before the Mriya even opened its nose lended to a lot of confusion to those who had gathered to watch the spectacle, after all, why would it LOAD engines at Boeing Field if it just CAME FROM GEAE in Columbus? So the mystery was solved.

Oh, and its big. Really Big.

They had some trouble with the ramp. They parked it where the front ramp came down on to a ‘bump’ so they had to shore each side of the ramp with wood planks. Very high tech. Unfortunately this delay meant I had to miss any cargo unloading.

So far (as of 1am Saturday) the plane is still at KBFI.

Photos to follow.


According to this:

Heading back to Columbus at 0615 PDT for a 1300 ET

I’ll be in Columbus tonight around 6:00, maybe the stars will align… really want to catch it on the move.


[Sports Announcer Voice]Get REEEEEEADY to see the world’s LARGEST Airplane! Lady (um, Ladies, I think we have more than one FA here) and Gentlemen… The Annntonnnov 225, Mirya![/voice]


Nice pics, CessnaCitationX.

Blurry (I was driving :smiley:) But neat to see this from the road:

Gawkers gather:

Cargo arriving:

Say ahh:

Overexposed to show engines it brought in:

One of these tails is not like the other…

A ton more pictures at my web site


More photos from the Seattle P-I: … gtitle.css