American 747?

Hi guys,
Look at this-
It says that AAL9 is a 747, but AA doesn’t have 747s anymore! I’ve seen one of these flights before but didn’t put it up, but now that I’ve seen it again I want to know what going on.
Any ideas?

Edit- got a few more:

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AAL9 looks quite similar to the Northwest An-12 from another discussion in this same forum 2 days ago. KSSK is an invalid airport code, so there’s some mistake here. These may all be false flights (activity logs?). I’d be surprised if AA still uses 11 as a flight number after 9/11.

I agree with planeaholic, fits the earlier pattern we saw last week. Check out the destinations.

ci.truth-or-consequences.nm. … =Whitehead

Above is the site for KTCS / True or Concequences NM. Not much there. I have never traveled this area of the country, so maybe someone else can suggest reasons for AA flights.

Could it be the transfer of stored / mothballed AA 747’s?

Could it be a code share flight that is actually operated by, say KLM?

Well, neither KLM or AA fly to either of those places, so I don’t think it’s a codeshare flight.
But I must say I was hoping to see some old AA 747s flying around :slight_smile:

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There is a pattern developing here. … /KBLH/KFFZ

UAL1 is a 777 most days.

Many 747 departures from KBLH to other southwest fields. I still go with my hunch of retired aircraft transfers. Again, someone in the know could clear this up.

Plus UAL also doesn’t have any remaining 747-200s.

There’s also NWA31, which usually an EGKK flight-

As well as UAL0, which isnt a valid flight number AFAIK.

And on this page- note how all the B747 flights at the bottom all leave at the exact same time, Thursday at 12:38 am.
Also does anyone know if the arrival and departure airports are even 747 capable? I think KIWA is but I don’t know about the others.

There’s a system glitch here methinks, but I don’t know. This is proving to be interesting!

Edit to reply to lancasterperch-
As far as I know, none of AA’s 747s are even able to fly, they’ve probably all been scrapped by now or are with other carriers. Also I still am not convinced these are transfer flights because those usually use 9*** as their flight number, not something like NWA31 or UAL1 which is usually assigned to a regular flight already. Plus there’s UAL0, the weird flight number.

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All these ‘phantom’ flights seem to have disappeared off the history now. Either a technical glitch or someone ‘testing’ the system I suspect.

To a couple of other theories:
There are no AA 747s in store anywhere, and haven’t been for over 20 years.
There are no stored 747s or any other airliners at Blythe Ca.
Airliners are rarely transferred between storage sites, they normally go to just one and stay there until re-entering service or being scrapped. See .

Spotted another odd one I think:

Airline code BAL would be either Brittania or Bashkirian, neither seems right. Aircraft, supposedly Boeing 742 departed Wright Patterson AFB.

It’s Britannia.

These Britannia flights are not real. Britannia now operates under Thomsonfly/TUI IIRC, and they don’t have 747s.
There’s been 1 of these flights at ADW and the area spotters here are trying to figure out the situation so I’ll let you know if/when they figure it out

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