Possible JPATS flight ?


I dunno. I thought they flew as Marshall or Justice or whatever MSH####


Looking through the previous routing, I didn’t see any stops at their “hub” OKC.

However, I did find a picture of the aircraft:

Take a look at the caption:* Ex Asiana (HL7227) and Varig (PP-VTN) seen at BFI operating a JPATS charter.*

Always thought they’d block the JPATS flights, although with it being a charter they may not have thought about it.


Good lookin bird… really went all out on that one! :angry:


Gotta say the JPATS 727 that used to/still does? Fly into KHUF was a really good looking plane…

I used to find a reason to drive to Terre Haute on Thursday afternoons to see them come in…


There are several of these contract aircraft around from various airlines running JPATS flights,i live in a area where im right on their flight path,so i hear a lot of them,most of them are the same over and over but every once in awhile a new one pops up,i heard this one the other day,but didnt know which one it was,THANKS!


They have a new one N965AS …EX Alaska Mad Dog.


Excuse my ignornace but is what a JPATS flight ??


Justice Prisoner & Alien Transportation System

Brings up a point that I sadly neglected: Abbreviations and acronyms shouldn’t be used unless (1) they are fully spelled out at least once in the posting or (2) they are so common that everyone knows them (e.g. FAA).




Almost certainly a JPATS flight. The Marshals Service operates a hub in Alexandria, which also happens to be the home of the USMS Special Operations Group. Also know that JPATS was looking for contract 737 guys to base in AEX. Should be noted that many many flights don’t ever see OKC. Prisoners are brought in to the hub, sometimes from OKC sometimes elsewhere, by another aircraft and held there until the is enough demand to justify a trip to wherever.


After watching a documentary on JPATS, I was lead to believe that the only hub was in OKC. However, the JPATS page says

All scheduling is handled at JPATS headquarters, located in Kansas City, Mo. Air fleet operations are located in Oklahoma City, Okla., with hubs in: Alexandria, La.; Mesa, Ariz.; Anchorage, Alaska; and the Virgin Islands.

Which begs the question: They fleet operations is located in OKC but do they also have a hub there? It’s not specifically mentioned that OKC is hub but I have the feeling it is one.

Another paragraph on the JPATS site I disagree with.

JPATS is the only government-operated, regularly scheduled passenger airline in the nation. JPATS routinely serves approximately 40 domestic and international cities, plus other major cities in the United States on an as-required basis.

If they are talking about civilian, yes, I agree. However, the Air Mobility Command (AMC) of the US Air Force has quite a large scheduled passenger and cargo operaton that could be called an airline.


JPATS operates several MD-80’s that are based at their KIWA “hub”.


Yep, they’re looking for contract guys for those too. Not a bad gig.




Speaking of:
What is this wingless plane parked on an old runway used for? I see that is directly north of JPATS secure holding facility and jetways. Procedure & evacuation training for the Marshals, perhaps? It appears to be a 747, but JPATS doesn’t use that type. Also, there’s a bunch of weird protrusions along the top of the fuselage.

I was amazed to find out that although handcuffed and leg ironed, “passengers” are not secured to the plane or seats in any way.


CAMI’s 747 Cabin Environmental Research Facility (CERF) ?

(Look midway down the page).