White Tail DC9/MD80 at KBFI


Cant even see a N number anywhere. No set time for arrival/departur and is not tracked on flight tracker.

It comes in and then leaves. I cant see where it taxis to.


I see it at least 1 per week, never the same day nor time.


Probably one of these:

ch-aviation.ch/aircraft.php? … RD&al_op=1

US Marshalls (JPATS) and usually flies with a “Justice” call sign.


Give that man a cookie! It is almost 100% a JPATS bird. Been there, done that.


airliners.net/photo/McDonnel … 5c2da637ab

@ BFI–complete with Orange inmate jumpsuits seen from the windows.


Yeah and they fly under generic numbers,so the flight numbers have nothing to do with tail numbers,so you dont’t know which aircraft it is unless you get a visual or photo.I hear them passing thru all the time between their hubs,they transport a lot of prisoners evry week.i hear at least 3-4 a week.


thanks everyone. I knew where to come for the experts.

From my little vantage point (747-8 Flight Management computer simulator/bench on the 3rd floor with east facing large windows.) I can see the comings and goings of BFI across the street. This one always bugged me :slight_smile:.

Wish I could have a camera in there, but alas company policy forbids it.

There is a great little park on the north end of BFI. At lunch I could go there, but not a lot of traffic usually at lunch. Plus Im not quite ready to leave my Cannon XTi bag in the truck in the lot all day to use it at lunch.