Missing flights


What a great place for an airplane nut…to hang out. Congrats. Here is an observation though:

Sitting in my basement in Wyoming, watching the pending arrivals and departures at KBOS while simultaneously listening to KBOS rapcon handle traffic (what a world) I note that at least half the traffic rapcon is handling isn’t listed. Several fedex fliights as well as several jazz flights that were just handed off from center or were on approach were not listed. Quite a few departures were missing too.

Not to complain, never look a gift horse… well you know.

Thought you might want to know.

This is a fun site.



Are you sure they were flying into KBOS and not one of the many nearby airports? Are you sure they weren’t express flights flying under a different name than their parent (FDX has a lot of feeders flying C208s)? Are you sure it wasn’t just an effect of our feed being delayed 5-6 minutes?

There are lots of JZA and FDX flights on the KBOS boards, so I have a hard time we’re missing half of them.


You have a point about feeder airports etc. Also, half missing may be an exaggeration, but there were several, at least one fed ex arrival to rwy 4 R and a couple of jazz departures and arrivals whose numbers weren’t shown.

Here is the feed:


When you get a few spare minutes, bring up the flightaware page for KBOS listen in and watch. See what you think. I gotta agree, most of the flights are listed.

It’s still a fantastic site no matter what, and a great play pen for us old airplane drivers.



Next time you hear one please post it in this thread and I’ll look into it.
I’d very surprised if we’re missing Part 121 flights; I think it has to be either an express/sub carrier or a delay issue.