I hope its a glitch

This morning when I got up 6am est, I checked FA and saw no flights ANYWHERE! OH S***!! But the news has nothing going on. I dont need this!
Hope its just a GLITCH!

6:15 am, I have airplanes!! what a relief!!

Where were you looking?

The graph on the front page shows about 1000 flights airborne at 6AM EST.

I looked at KATL,KCVG, and several other airports.
Almost had a heart attack until I checked CNN and they were not talking about anything special. My 1st reaction was another 9/11.
The National color map showed no traffic.

You should have checked something else besides CNN. In case it was another 9/11 and the Muslims (who else?) were involved, CNN probably wouldn’t have mentioned it for fear of offending the Muslims.

Believe me, if it had been another 9/11 you wouldn’t have been able to turn on your television to any station, much less the CrapOnAmerica NoGoodReportsAboutAmericaEver Network, without getting the information.

(No need to turn this thread into political snark)

I think I’ve identified the cause of this hiccup and I’ve made some changes to the database archiving procedures which should prevent it from happening again in the future. Each night there’s a process which moves older flight data into our data warehouse server. It appears that this process has hit a performance wall and was blocking the timely processing of new flight activity. As soon as the archiving function finished the site “caught up” with reality. The new code should perform the archiving in a way which has less of an impact on the rest of the site.

Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention and thanks for using FlightAware!