American 1172 Emergency Landing at SAN


I was making my usual rounds on FlightAware when I noticed an MD-82 had returned to SAN.
I called a local news station to see if they’d heard about it. They said yes, and that there was some kind of fire report from the back of the plane. This was according to what the fire dept had heard. I guess everything was ok on the ground, otherwise it might be on CNN right now lol…
If I find any “official” news links I’ll post/squawk when I see it.


Maybe a bleed air issue.


This also happened to the Captial Air Cargo 727 flying CCI711 on June 29th. Dont know what happened there. Also today, AAL1264 diverted to KPHX, dont know what happened there.


Yeah I noticed the extra Cappy 727 sitting there the other day. It may have been that plane that went directly to Toledo later (as flt 1711), which is very rare now, since they stop in Phoenix on the way in & out. (flts 711/712)


ATN1711 was a charter cargo, it was on 6/28, this CCI711 was on 6/29.