No more 'Diverted' tags?

Don’t know if it’s related to the newest back-end upgrade… but it seems FA is either not receiving diversion messages from the FAA, or not interpreting them properly. Check it: … /KCLT/KDFW
AAL1343 clearly diverted back to KCLT. But FA seems to think that it landed successfully at KDFW - all the data in the right-hand column reflect this. This is despite the fact that the aircraft’s flight track shows a return to CLT.
What’s up wid dat yo?

Yeah I noticed one, too: … /KLAX/KMEM
The 727 decided to divert to their little hub at Ft Worth Alliance, probably for fuel, while Memphis was getting hammered by a severe line. However, the diversion doesn’t show on the activity log, but only on the map. I hope this is a one-time thing. Because with spring practically upon us, every time one of those lovely spring/summer frontal systems smacks a major hub airport, we’re gonna see some diversions due to fuel running low after a nice long hold. Spring has already gotten off to a big start (Atlanta anyone?)

Again tonight, the word ‘diverted’ can’t be found anywhere on the activity logs. KSAN is fogged in tonight, flights are missing the ILS and diverting. The flights’ tracks, departure and arrival airports, as well as diversion airports are showing up nicely on the maps, but not on the log. Some of them show as arrived, then another flight has popped up to the diversion airport. But the original flight never says diverted.

Diversions have changed the way they appear in our feed… we appreciate the continued examples.

Appears to be working again…at least in this case: … /KSAN/KDFW
Monster storm cluster @ DFW caused this one…I’d love to see some cockpit video, but I’d hate to be a passenger…