VFR flight on FBOWeb but not here?

Picked up flight following with Memphis center from KOSX to KMBO in the air and assigned a national squawk code.

Based on FBOWeb coordinates, looks like they picked me up as soon as Memphis center radar identified me.

Just curious why I wasn’t picked up on Flight Aware.

Punishment that is left over from you being banned a while ago…

Oh kewl, that means “I didn’t break it” errr this time :stuck_out_tongue:

CRAP!!! That’s what I meant to say…

No flightplan, no departure message… just some positions and an arrival. And per the arrival your origin was R ZAMMA 272 13 bleh.

I don’t see today’s flight on that other site. The flight they have for N1943L was your last flight we have on New Years Eve.

Really screwy as it was there, honestly! I see it went back to my Bessemer trip.

It had accurately at one point when I posted where I picked up the flight following, but no departure or destination airport, it said “no data” or something to that effect. What you had is exactly what FBO had, just no track map, just coordinates altitudes on my descent to where I was dropped from the system and my arrival time showing 2 hours ago. Maybe it timed out and reverts back, dunno, but it really, really was there :open_mouth: Wish I would have thought to get screenshots

I thought maybe even though I didn’t have a flight plan that I would have been tracked?

We focus our efforts on tracking IFR flights where we reliably get data and we don’t put any effort into making partial data VFR flights work. Sometimes a VFR guy gets lucky in ASDI and looks like an IFR flight to us so we can create a fully baked record in our system.