Missing Flight for N1943L


I cannot say how much I have enjoyed this website!

Figure to report a missing flight, just in case this may be a bug?

File IFR via FSS. Flight was KMBO to BWG. Then BWG to 2G2 on November 12th. BWG to 2G2 is on, KMBO to BWG is missing.

Picked up my IFR clearance via JAN clearance and delivery for the first leg, and picked up my clearance via Memphis center in the air on the second leg.

It was on the saturday 11/12. flightaware.com/live/flight/N1943L is my tail number.

Also, curious on the track log, flightaware.com/live/flight/N1943L/tracklog why the times 1:58 to 2:10 repeated itself.

Thanks for such a great website!




We’ll look into the missing flight for you.

The duplicate tracks problem has been resolved and won’t occur on future flights.

Thanks for the feedback.


Please see this announcement for more information.


Thanks for checking! :smiley:

Weather Gods permitting, I return back tomorrow, if not Thursday.



I’ve noticed missing flights a few times. One thing that can case a missing flight is if the controler providing departure clearace does not find your flight plan and puts one in for you, I noticed that can cause missing legs on the site.

We agree with N1943L the site is great!



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I just couldn’t fathom why my tail number came up when I got my email alert!

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