Tracking fellow members


Figure why not start a thread to see where “we” go. Be kinda fun to see who goes where. After all, this is a tracking site.

I will start it and hopefully others will play along :smiley: and have fun tracking at the same time

Tomorrow KMBO to MDQ to KBKW to KDMW anticipated departure time 12Z

First two legs, I will file GPS direct
Third leg will be KBKW MRB V166 EMI KDMW with the hopes that P40 doesn’t expand.

July 23rd KDMW to KBKW to KMDQ back to my home base KMBO Departure time 12Z

First leg EMI V166 MRB KBKW
2nd and 3rd legs GPS direct

This is of course weather Gods permitting, as a cold front is currently draped across the souther tier states, and I need it to continue it’s forward motion or the lines of T’storms to diminish greatly.



I’m currently flying VFR, so no tracking on FlightAware right now. I plan to start my intrument training in the not-so-distant future. So, when I do start, here’s the plane I rent. Since I rent, I can’t guarantee all listed flights will be mine, but I’m sure most of them will be. …and YES, it is an IFR certified Cessna 152.

In the mean time, if you wanna track my VFR flights, I upload the GPS tracks to a GPS file sharing site. You need to logon to the site to actually view the files. PM me for a link to the site, username and password if you’re interested.


I’ll let you all know what tail number I’ll be in on monday and you can follow me through the week.


If you come through the Phoenix area for a RON…pick the place and I’ll buy a round. :wink:


Stalking fellow members…

Allen mixin’ it up with the heavy iron:


LOOK OUT! They’re everywhere… :open_mouth:


And I never got a visual on any! :smiley: No wonder I could never get a word in!


That’s the thing with TCAS…sometimes I don’t want to know how much traffic there is, and how close they really are…


I like how pathetically small the ‘tail’ is on the airplane icon. 105kts doesn’t leave much wake!


I’ll be in VNR158 starting early Monday morning.


What happened on your Telluride trip James? Looks like the approach to KAPA took you a couple of counties out of your way!


Sat phone rang. “go to APA” said they. We went. :unamused:

Apparently the owner cancelled for some reason. I was really looking forward to KTEX. We were 50-60 miles past APA when we had to turn around. Small storms on either side, we turned right a bit, then the big left turn in order to stay clear of them during our U-ey.

First time I’ve ever had a sizeable tailwind heading West. Global warming?

Saw one of the Adam A-500 inline twins takeoff. Their headquarters is here at KAPA. Neat little bugger.

Looks like we’re going to Monterey, CA tomorrow our first flight. Don’t know where after that.


Probably not a bad thing that you diverted… The weather at TEX didn’t look very nice around the time of your intended arrival. Maybe that had something to do with your customer’s CX… Isn’t there a recent thread somewhere in here about flying through thunderstorms? :unamused:


James has been catching some pretty favorable winds aloft! Better than 400kn otg. Maybe it’s because we’re all watching and wishing him well! :smiley:


Nah, he knows now he has a FA audience and showing off :smiley:


“hey y’all, watch THIS!”


I tend to put between 80 and 100 hours on the airplane per month, grant it we’ve only had it two. I should put another 30 on it by Sunday. N1074P was before this, and N2WY will be replacing the Malibu soon.



KMMH Mammoth Springs / Yosemite.

Neat bright horizontal rainbow as we climbed through a high cloud of ice crystals.

"uh center, requesting 10 right for oh, 80 miles"


Durn, does the oil temp get to operating range with such short flights? :smiley:


I was wondering that. I didnt know there were two airports in Delaware that were 23 minutes apart by citation.
Delaware airpark is an interesting place. :confused: Some of the worst aircraft paint jobs can be found there…