Bad to the bone...or something like that

I just discoverd this today!! KAAF was the airport. I am based at KBHM and fly a Cirrus SR22 often. N1457C for those like me that want to track everyone! :smiley:

I wanted to let you know why I am going to use this all the time! I fly for our company and find that keeping up with flight times a hassle when it comes to splitting up costs. I now have a record of all my flights (I never go without filing something)! How awesome is that? Now I can go back and reconcile all the places I have been for the invoice/logbook.

Also, many of my passengers/copilots :open_mouth: would like their spouses to be able to see when they should be in town. Now I will pass along this web site (instead of my loner account on fltpl…com, you know the other people :frowning: ) to track us.

Keep up the GREAT work. Leave it to the tech gurus to make life so much more!

Yeah I agree they do so much work to make this the best flight tracking website ever, keep up the good work :smiley: .