New to Me

Just saw this and had never noticed the website before. Interesting flight tracking tools.

Interesting site. It also shows all legs of multi-leg flight. For the most part the flight ID is correct although it did decode N322RR (a FA20) as being operated by Omskavia Airline (IATA Code: N3). Another aircraft with registration N327RH (SR22) was also decoded as Omskavia Airline.

Would be nice if FlightAware had the multi-leg map.

Thx also for the link.
The site is kinda ‘clunky’ and a number of pop-up windows but one or two neat features (route animation and multi legs). Getting types is a pain unless searching specifically, active flights dont seem to map generically on one map… but a bit of competition never hurt.
Dont think FA has anything to be concerned about for the moment. :wink:


Yeah, I’m using it to view my son’s flight legs today.

I have to admit that I found the “Plane Spotter” entertaining.

Was this him by any chance? … /KPSM/KMVY

I was out raking leaves and heard that freaky square wave prop noise and looked up to see a Catfish climbing out.

Sorry, not this time. This week he’s in 161.

Gotta’ admit the Catfish prop noise is pretty distinctive.

He doesn’t tell us which ship he’s in anymore! I once went out to SJC to try and meet him but he had traded trips with another crew.

He’s been put off by the bickering we’ve seen in the Forums from time to time, hopefully now that he’s back to work after his maternity leave he’ll stop in again.

I’ll try to keep you up to date with his travels as well.

Even better is the look of the plane to a 3 year-old. 108 went over us on our way home from lunch Sunday (mmmmm…Hideaway Pizza). My son heard it and looked up through the sun roof and said “Look, Daddy! A Catfish plane!!” I taught him well…

James, was the “Maternity leave” a part of your (sometimes) sick sense of humor, or was it Paternity leave?

I fear for your son, he could grow up to be (shudder!) a Pilot!

It was simple incompetence on my part in having meant to type Paternity leave. (He’s in big trouble Pik, she’s a redhead!)

Father in-law is already planning it, I think. I keep joking with my wife that my son will get his PPL before I do, which is WRONG!

Between him knowing the “catfish plane” and the “superhero plane” (aka, Starship), I think all may be lost already.

JHEM, thanks for posting the link. I like the fact that the silhouette is the aircraft type. For instance One of the aircraft was a BE10 and on the map there was a little KingAir, there was a Southwest flight that had a 737…
neat little site!

If anyone is still looking at this site could they confirm if the current/live flights are updating??
Looking at (e.g) GLF4 info it has been the same for a week with no update to flightplans.

Thx IN (uk) will do this for up to 48 hours on their historical tracker.

I managed to snag my entire Ohio trip roundtrip legs. Looked nice in the various colors for each leg.

Are the departure dates at the top of the list changing for you? Looks fine to me.

Ok - apologies first for Q’s on another product. :blush:

As an example of the stuck pages that I see (IE & Firefox)

…where the weather and airspace figures update but not the actual list as cross referenced with the most excellent FA (of course). Cue sounds of Humble Pie being eaten…

Thx IN (uk)

…and perhaps just to clarify I am searching on **aircraft **types from the homepage with an ICAO look-alike list with some really obscure types!

IN (uk)