This seems to be a pretty cool web sight im liking it a lot, from up here in Fairbanks, Ak. I plan on sharing a bunch of neat pictures as time goes. Pretty cool stuff goes on up here. I am actually downloading the app on my phone now, hope its as cool as the sight! Got a couple co-workers checking out the sight also, Its pretty fun lol. :smiley:


Welcome to FlightAware and we look forward to you photo contributions.


Nothing much. Someone I knew in the MEDEVAC business showed me this site recently and I’m REALLY interested in what it has to offer. If aircraft were closer to the ground in my “air-ea” (see what I did there? It was a bad joke!) I would be taking pictures and posting them. I am really new to tracking aircraft and I really love them, I just need to learn different codes, acronyms and their meanings. I know VFR and IFR and that’s about it. Hopefully wandering around on this website will teach me quite a few things! Welcome to FlightAware! :smiley: