Nice Feature - thanks.


Now this one got in under my radar and someone is going to tell me it’s been around for yonks but I really like the FILTER for All/GA/Airlines when looking at respective airports traffic (arrivals,deps, enroute etc).
Has it been there long?
Good stuff guys.



We added that about 2 months ago:


Dohh - must have been out of the country then! :blush:

Nice feature though. I’ll look carefully at other gizmos before further comment or suffer referral to the FAQ but it is pleasing to see all the tweaks falling into place.



Hhmm - being having a play with my new toy and some discrepancies creeping in.




as some examples of eclectic and somewhat random filtering, certainly not confined to GA. Seems prone to picking out Biz AND (mostly) foreign airlines (non US). Thoughts anyone?



Unfortunately the list of airline/GA codes is created manually and we only added the major US carriers the first time through. Tomorrow I’ll add many of the international and charter carriers.


I added a few dozen more airline codes to the list so they’ll show up on the airline page rather than the GA page.