Front page trouble

Good morning,

I am trying to figure out why when I type in the partial name of an airline into the “Enter Airline Name Here” box the selection list of airlines no longer comes up to select the airline you want to populae the box with? It isn’t just on my home computer, but on the work computers as well.

It doesn’t work from the discussions forums. Click on the “Live Tracking” link (under the FlightAware logo) in the upper left.

Thank you NN!! Have you been out to see the vantage point of the new 19L yet? I’ll bet there will be some good photo ops. onto that rwy. I almost drove off the road last night straining to look back at it… :blush:

Glad to help.

Unfortunately, no I haven’t been out that way yet. Not likely to do it any time soon due to cold weather. Maybe I’ll check it out in the spring time.

We’ve had a few other users report the popups for airlines/airports don’t work in the last week, but we can’t reproduce it.

Thank you also sir. I got it in the section NeedleNose suggested it. Unfortunately for me the info I need is beyond the time frame which is in the “Free” archive.