Idea for FlightAware! (Daniel and Mark please read this!)


I was sitting next to 2 guys on Delta 1512. While we were taxing for departure I saw a NW A330 in the line up for takeoff. I told the guys that it was headed off to AMS. They were surprised to hear this and quickly asked me how I knew that. I, as a good FA member, proudly told them about flightaware. I think we (or somebody) should print up business cards with FA info to hand out to people (when the situation calls for it). I thought it might be a good idea to give people something so they can remember FA’s website. So when they’re home they will see the card and “try” flightaware out. What do you think?

BTW: I am so embarrassed. The NW A330 was NWA170 to MSP, not NWA34 to AMS. :blush: Oh well. I impressed them.


No business card needed in my past experiences :smiley:

Usually, I just tell them to go to flightaware dot com.

If they ask me to spell it out, I tell them eff ell eye gee aych tee aye doubleu aye are eeee dot sea oh emmm.

Worst case scenario, whip out a pen or pencil and write it down for them



Print THESE out, cut 'em up and keep 'em handy!


Orrrrrrr you can always wear an item from the cool merchandise selection, and they’ll never forget.


We all have (pretty cool looking, if I do say so myself) business cards that we hand out, but theres no easy way to get them out to y’all.
I like that sheet at photobucket; I hadn’t seen it before.

It’s actually a bit of a disappointment that you have to spell out the name. We tried to pick something pronounceable and obvious to spell (coughflytecomm).


Nah! You guys picked the right name, FlightAware (not Flight Aware). People have a harder time understanding something they aren’t expecting.

I’ll see if I can come up with a cool card that has the right info on it.


I just made that up on the fly in response to Cessna’s request. I tried to make 'em business card-sized, but it got shrunk the conversion process and I didn’t have a whole lot of time to work on it…

Anyway, glad you approve.