Wow... crickets around here... I wonder why?


Awful quiet around here… I wonder why…


shhh…it’s cricket season.


Seems about normal, I woke up to a dozen or so posts.

You’ve repeatedly expressed your view that you don’t like the new forum layout. Perhaps you should move on to something more constructive now?


Dear OBJ…you are now biting the hand that fed Flightaware for years. Mr Cander and Mr Porterjet have been one fo the most loyal contributors to these forums. Looks like 11 years for each of them, all the way back to the days when Flightaware was just a baby. Lose them, and you might as well close the whole comment system.

I think you should apologize.

Crickets, indeed.


Noted. (20 characters)


In what forum? Adsb, right??? That’s where all the traffic is. I remember when we used to talk about flying, aircraft and other topics other than gain, GitHub, pi, and everything else non Flying. Loved my weeks long discussion with the gentleman over how the 787 wasn’t a fire hazard. That was 6 years ago.

I also remember when FA staff were courteous and would allow venting without comment. So much for that as well.

Know how to spot the difference between any of the 737 Max derivatives and the others on site? I figured out how to. I posted that a couple weeks ago and no responses.

So. I’ll shut up now and go back to my curmudgeonly ways.

Apologies for ruining all computer and radio fun.


How’s this?


This has been true for as long as I’ve been on these forums (so, not 6 years ago - more recent than that). ADS-B / FlightXML / the college/nascar charter tracking have been the bulk of posts. Maybe the community you’re looking for has moved elsewhere since 6 years ago, I don’t know.

So that’s why I interpreted your original post as another snarky “the new forum sucks” post. Sorry if I misinterpreted what you meant.


Dude!!! Whats the story!!!


Oh no. You were right. It was.


An Air France A-380 diverting into Goose Bay.


wow this is really alarming when such a huge motor fails that way not for the first time …


Didn’t Qantas have a similar engine failure??


i have no idea what the reason this time was - the quantas had most damage on the other end of engine. but both were obviously catastrophic motor failures within short period of time …



Both appear to be uncontained engine failures.

Not good!!


yep - and happy passengers and crew that they managed a safe landing


Hey @pthomas745, thanks for the props… :wink: Looks like I may have to engage in the abomination that is this forums by the end of the year… They just announced they aren’t gonna support V2.x of piaware anymore… I finally HAVE to upgrade!


still here CYYR


It’s nothing short of a miracle that the aircraft wasn’t lost over Greenland.