How about an ATC discussion forum?

Couldn’t find one here although it appears that some ATC interjection occurs in the other forums. Might be nice to have some perspective and explanation by the folks who are ACTUALLY working the aircraft and airspace.



I’ll second that.

But I’m not sure how many pilots and ATC we really have here. Lots of aviation enthust, just not sure how many pilots. Seems to me about 20 pilots and 3 ATC. I’m sure there’s more (lots more), I’m just speaking of regular posters. has a good ATC discussion forum, so does

I think one on here would be a waste of time for the amount of time it would get used.

I agree. FA’s scope doesn’t include ATC.

Even if FA did have an ATC forum, the would be so much better because, as Rob pointed out, the forum at FA wouldn’t see much use.

I agree will these posts. But it seems that most of the users here are just folks that want to find out where their friends and relatives are enroute from point A to point B and the occasional air traffic concern pops up. It would be nice to have a local forum for some of this, but I do admit that this type of inquiry can be addressed in any of the other forums here. I haven’t been on, but I have to say that if I wanted to hear that, or listen to the usual controller bs, I could just go to work or get on the NATCA boards.

Just trying to do some good, here.


Input is always good. :smiley:

How about the sticky thread for starters? Clearly marked by an ATC person from NY.


Ya, but when was the last time he responded to a post? May 2006