I just found the forum… after getting the charter member e-mail (sweet BTW), I saw that mentioned and thought, hey, I never knew there was a forum. I just found the link buried deep in the FAQ, but I could be blind and may have missed it elsewhere on the site.

Anyway… i’ll definitely try and post improvement suggestions now that I know where to go :slight_smile: RULES!



PS - My first official suggestion would be have more searches available on the home page. Seems like there’s a lot of room available to put in various search terms. Perhaps put the same style search bar that’s up top on the bottom, with other, search-based tools.

Keep the top as is… repeat a similar look on the bottom and include, for example, city pair search that jumps to IFR route analysis, a search by aircraft type in the air, a la except you can search for any ATC aircraft type in the air, and maybe a quick weather search per airport that goes to a comprehensive weather view, from METAR and TAF, to surface analysis, radar, etc.

Cool? Drool? :slight_smile:



The “Discussions” link at the top of every page goes to the forums. :wink:


See, that’s how awesome I am… I click on every link on the top of the page, except the obvious one that goes exactly to where I always wanted it to go :blush:

  1. ~Nate