POLL: New Aviation Hobby Forum?

It occurs to me that a lot of people come to this site to support their aviation related hobbies… be it spotting/photography, flight simming, photos, scale models, aviation history etc.

Would it be feasible to add a dedicated Forum for these guys to gather in? It seems that it could add GREATLY to the traffic flow for the site in general (a plus for us all in the long run). I hate to see things like this (among others):


I think it would be a win-win addition for our beloved Discussion Forums.
As far as I can tell there are quite a few “non-pilot hobbyists” here who are already very active in the current Forums who could help steer the way.

Just a thought… Phantomjet

It’s a good idea but I think there are many other sites that are dedicated to flight simmers, models, aircraft photography, etc., that would better serve the needs of these people. I know in my case I enjoy scale models. There are at least three excellent sites for scale models.

I think, in my opinion, its a great idea. You both have good points. Traffic count would increase. And it would be another site for the Avaition Hobbyists and enthsiasts.

IN keeping with the tracking flights theme Flight Aware has been keeping, if there was a way to add a module for FSX to have a data feed into FSX, that would be something nice to see. Real time weather along with Flight Aware data, wow, would be “as real as it gets” 8)

As Dami indicated above, there are other specialized Flight simulator sites that we could direct people to. I don’t have any sites to recommend myself since I am not a heavy duty simmer but the need is there for questions that Phantomjet pointed us to. Maybe add a blurb in the FAQs for technical questions to be an avenue to point simmers to?