Flight Sim forum?


Not sure if someone has suggested this or not…but here goes :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to have a flight sim forum so we can discuss things related to the flight sim world?

I am sure there are people here, besides myself, who love flying in a virtual environment.


Go to the top of any forum page, click on “search” and enter your keywords to search for this topic. It’s been discussed.

My personal feeling is that this forum is for discussing FlightAware and real aviation, not a game.


Oh boy…you have hit a nerve with me with that comment :stuck_out_tongue:

But, I am not here to fuss. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I come here to discuss aviation in a civilized manner and I will keep it that way.




You’ve hit a nerve with me suggesting that MSFS is anything more than a game. :wink:

Want to talk simulators, let’s pull out some airline-owned full motion simulators.


I can backup my arguements, but I will drop it and go about with the discussion of all things real world aviation.

I am not one to make a big deal out of something small.


Neither are we, except we occassionally will get bored and take something small like this and run with it.

Still waiting for my "AMEN"s!




You’ve already started the thread, so might as well hear those arguments.


Amen from David M-for-mountain-out-of-a-mole-hill


AMEN Brother!