So, I have a friend who is just getting FS and would like some scrrenshots of BNA, BTV, and CLE COULD anyone please help me?


Please DON’T!

There’s about three million FS NGs, mail lists, Forums, etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum out there on the WWW.

Let’s not turn FA into another SIMMER hell hole.





Although we’re fine with the occasional FS thread when it relates to FlightAware, we prefer to keep the forums to tracking real aircraft.

Please use one of the flight sim communities for your FS questions.


Wow, talk about awful forum etiquette. I can understand your desire to keep FA forums free from simulator discussion, but to imply they’re hellholes is really rude and hateful. A lot of poeple who can’t fly because of medical conditions have no choice but to sim. Not to mention, a good number of simmers are real world pilots as well. People who fly MS sim or X-Plane are aviation enthusiasts and probably enjoy this site for it’s information it provides to the hobby.

I can’t help it notice there are some real disrespectful individuals on here and that’s a shame.


That’s awfully judgemental Orlaam.

I am as entitled to my opinion as you, and just as entitled to voice it.

And it was only my opinion, as evinced by the $.02 at the bottom of my post.

If I wanted to discuss FS, I’d join one of the many support communities that already exist.

But that’s not the purpose of THIS Forum and not the reason I joined it. Attempts by simmers to “take it over” by force of numbers will not be warmly received IMHO.

“Hell hole” may be hyperbole on my part, but it’s an opinion based on experience. BT, DT, got TWO t-shirts!



JHEM i have some advice to help you with your problem, you say you don’t like the flight simmers threads… DON’T READ THEM :laughing: i really don’t think that flight simmers are going to take over the site, there just trying to get answers, now maybe they shouldn’t keep adding new threads or mayby there sould be a spot on here for them to chat to each other. But talking about it as a hellhole and things like that common man stop being a bump on the log and let others get info on there game like Orlaam said not everyone can fly for real. Just leave people alone. But i’m agreeing that its not that kind of site and i see where your coming from not wanting it to be taken over but it won’t the people who built this site would never let it go down to a simmers flight. Just take a deep breath and slowly count back from 3-1, there we go everyone is happy again… I hope :unamused:


Thank you for your input on the subject 88Nitro305, I’ll give it the consideration it merits.




One thing you have to LOVE about the internet and webbards is trying to figure out if that was sarcasm, or actually serious…


Flip a coin! :wink:


No its not sarcasm i was trying to be nice and not have people pissed at each other. But take it anyway you want to. :frowning:


Ladies and gentlemen…I have proven my point!!! Man, I love the internet!


But take it anyway you want to was sarcasm but everything i said before wasn’t like i said i was just trying to help out the problem, and make to different types of poeple become one and understand where others are coming from, thats all.


Although I sympathize with the need for help, it clearly says this forum is for:

General FlightAware discussions, usage tips, questions, bugs, and more.

If you really want to talk about FS, there’s a whole forum for it over on


I know that. But if you don’t care at all about FS would you read the forum? because some people do and then get mad because its on there. Its just others trying to ask for info thats all. Yes i agree people should stick to the same forum.


i agree with Newark777 and James, go somewhere else and lets just talk about flightaware here. Flightaware staff why dont you lock or delete posts like this.



Well, yes, this is not a FS forum.


Yes, and some people get agitated when you start threads here when there are countless numbers of whole sites devoted to just FS users.


Why not have a subject for FS?


Well, if you feel strongly that we should have a FS forum here, then that would be something to bring up in the Feature Requests and Ideas forum.


But how would others feel about it?


I also have to agree. This entire site is about flight tracking, not to find cool stuff for MFS, or any other flight sim.

I am one that spends a min of 2 hrs a day on FS9 because, with the birth of my son las Dec., my cash flow has obviously gone to a better cause. I do NOT use this site to find screenshots or questions about FS9 or release dates on FSX. Granted, the “Flight Simmers Check-in” thread was intreresting at the beginning finding out how many of us here actually do use MFS of some sort. Even the thread asking out opinions about a good FS was understandable. HOWEVER…screenshots of FS is not something that has anything to do with tracking flights. While my friend JHEM may have not used the most PC (which I am definately NOT PC, I still say Illegal Immigrant, not “Undoumented Worker” which is a topic for a totally different website) way to describe what COULD happen if the typically younger simmers “take over” the site. IMHO, I think this thread should be destroyed totally, or locked, take your pick. Yes, even after typing all of this…