Suggesting a couple of new discussion forums.

Note: I cross-posted this in the “Aviation News” discussion forum as well.

I would like to respectfully request that we have a separate forum for issues that are only tangentially related to aviation. People are leaving Flight Aware forums because of this ongoing situation.

My reason for being here is because I am interested in flight, technical information about aircraft and the factors that lead to aircraft incidents.

PPRUNE (Professional Pilots Rumour Network) has a special forum called Jet Blast for the socio-political aspects of aviation, jokes, banter and such.

They even have a special forum for Self Loading Freight (Non pilots and PX) who sometimes need to ask dumb questions, and don’t want to bore the Real Pilots.

I’ve learned so much about aviation from being around here. I’d hate to leave such an interesting site because people (Perhaps new to the internet?) are unable to stay on topic.

As far as I’m concerned, religion and politics are off topic. Perhaps I am in the minority. I defend the right of people to voice their views, but when I am reading Aviation News, I don’t really want to scroll through the history of Roe vs. Wade.

Thanks for considering this suggestion.

That’s what the banter thread is for. I’ll clean up the PC-12 thread later today.

Thank You! It is appreciated.