New forum area for everything NON-aviation?


OK so we all love aviation, or are interested in some way. Explains why you and I are on this wonderful website right now. But, there are other things that make the world go around as well. I’d like to see a new forum area for everything non-aviation related. Somewhere we could talk about other things… Computers/IT stuff… Music… Books… the latest Angelina Jolie flick… what happened on the latest “24”… real estate… furniture…cars… sports… whatever.


There is a forum - it’s called the banter thread.


Banter thread is just a single thread which is clogged up by a lot of you’re wrong, I’m right kinda stuff, as well as copy/pastes of 5000-word articles and such. Personally, I’m sick of the whole global warming and politics BS, so I just don’t look at that one anymore.
Besides, last time I posted there, I don’t think I ever got a reply. It was 3 pages deep in like 2 days and totally got lost. I was thinking of a new forum area where all the seperate banter/non-aviation topics can be kept in their own seperate threads, and can be found much more easily.


Are you thinking of something like the forum at

I think the forum there is pretty well organized. It uses a different program from FlightAware.

It is divided into sections like Factory Hangar, Military Hangar, and off-topic hangar. Each section is then further divided into sections.


There are plenty of non-aviation forums on the internet; we’re not one of them. Use the banter thread if you want to discuss the items you listed here.