Clay Lacey FBO (i.e. coffee shop Est. 2006)


Post deleted due to the fact that this thread was unneccessary.

Here’s the thread.
For this reason the thread was deleted. If you want to see it, PM me.
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I think a ‘Search’ will dig up the suggestion that we have an actual chat room. That idea was tossed in several months ago.

Some discussion forum sites have already incorporated a chat room. One I can think of is


Check out this. It’s a place to discuss strictly aviation topics, turboprops, and new ideas.


Now thats what I call a shameless plug!


The Unofficial FlightAware Blog.


How about adding those blogs to the “Aviation Blogs” thread (second thread in the “Notable Activity” forum)?


The Notable Activity forum is for airplanes. I posted it here since this was the best thread to post it in. :unamused:


OK. I posted them as an entry in the “Aviation Blogs” thread. That might give your blogs more exposure, which is good for them.

Also, even if “Notable Activity” is the wrong forum for an ‘Aviation Blogs’ thread, people who read threads only selectively will see that the ‘Aviation Blogs’ thread is about blogs. They won’t see that from a ‘Clay Lacey FBO’ thread. Further, ‘Aviation Blogs’ is a ‘sticky’ topic in the “Notable Activities” forum and (until someone in FA unsticks it) will always be the first or second topic listed for that forum. ‘Clay Lacey FBO’ will soon become inactive and slip into the second page (or deeper) of this “General” forum and your blog links will gradually fade from sight.

Anyway, I’m not trying to provoke an argument here, just giving you my opinion that it matters less whether the blog links are in the correct forum and more that they get into a suitable ‘Blogs’ thread.

Good luck to you on the blogs. I’ve visited them both and have left a comment with some ideas in your ‘Unofficial FA’ blog. I hope you continue with it and get a whole lot of readers, comments, and feature articles.


Thank you! I didn’t have much time to post more about the blogs so that’s why they’re kinda short. But I will have a week to think and write some more about them. Thanks for the advice. I plan to make them a great disscusion place for aviation topics. I think they’ll do well.


CCX, my only concern re your two blogs is knowing what each one is focused on. You don’t want to have much overlap because then each dilutes the other. Most readers will end up looking at only one, so in your blogs try to be fairly clear to specify the purpose of each one.