Honestly - didn’t realize that some people might consider the posting inappropriate for the forum. If it needs to be removed, or moved - please, by all means go ahead.

It’s a free event, with an attending rep from FAAST.

Apologies again to the forum.

Air East Airways


you did fine bro. we here at FA are just protective of our Forum. Mark from FA even piped in and said your post was A-OK!

with i could attend, I miss the days of spinning a J-3, don’t think spins are approved in the LJ35 so I’ll just live vicariously threw guys that get to have fun!

Dind’t offend me

No problemo here…

My comments were more in fun and expecting the norm from some on the board.

As the first responder to your original post, I offer MY APOLOGIES! I did not read the entire message and see that it was a free event. :blush:

I just noticed it was your first post in the forums and it had the appearance of a self-promotional spam message (which we all hate).

Having read through the entire message, I wish I could attend. Please post another message if you ever decide to hold a similar event in the DC area! :smiley:

I was highly offended. and your world revolves around me.

Some of the guys that sit in their parents basement and do nothing all day are easily offended. Its just the way it is.

You talkin to me? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

no she is talking about me, if she said some people sit around the house all day with their pants around their ankles and a hand full of talc, then she would be talking about you.

My pants ain’t around my ankles… :unamused:


Wrangler cowboy cuts ain’t made to go around the ankles… :wink:


Haha - some of you guys are hilarious. Would have been cool to have some FA’ers come thru, but maybe another time!

Thanks again.

Air East Airways