N610EG Crucial that these pics uploaded by me be deleted!!

Please DELETE all the pictures uploaded by me of 610EG. The owner of the aircraft has made it very clear to me that these pictures must be taken down. As soon a Possible.
Thank you for your assistance on this unfortunate circumstance.

What’s his beef?

If the aircraft was visible to the public then I don’t see how the pilot can complain about pictures of it. I can see if it was at a private airport in a place where it can’t be seen by the public. But it wasn’t (at least the one that is currently posted) so he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

I’d appreciate it if this post/string would be deleted or ignored.
Suffice to say the owner had a legitimate beef and the pictures have been deleted. It is to the credit of the FlightAware staff that this issue was handled in a most prompt and efficient manner. I acknowledge my indiscretion and am glad I was able to correct it (with the help of the exemplary FlightAware staff) within minutes of it coming to my attention.

Oh well…theres plenty of planes out there Sam! We’ll keep watching! :wink:

Someday his wife will find out he owns a plane. One way or another.

DELETED…with apologies to awesam

Fly, the location on your profile says it all.

Geez, whatta drama queen!

A drama knob then?

Wow. I’m devastated. Ouch. Waaah, waah, waah.

Hey RobbReid, you are the man!

That does put the events of tonight in a different light. Looks to me like the only one who lifted the photos was cllglsr. He posted the thumbnail that accompanies the present tracking page. Which also happens to be the same picture on top that Robb shows. The ones that were deleted tonight were mine. I’m sure the mangement could attest to that if they feel the need.
I hope you guys are done now. You really don’t understand whats going on here.

Sounds like some kind of secret agent stuff, or maybe he’s in the witness protection program? You know, a rat. Dark and twisty drama, indeed.

And, not for nuthin’, but you bring this crap on yourself by posting a plea to delete photos as if your life depends upon it, and then not explaining why. Leaves you open to ridicule in the open forums. Try a PM to Mduell next time to save the guff.

This thread never happened;

Watch the reflection in the gold medallion.

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Something rotten in Denmark.


Owner is worried about a measily picture taken at a public place but the tail number is not blocked??? Sounds to me the owner has his prioritys bassackwards.

I just fell out of my chair! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

The cat gif is halarious. The dog reflection is menacing huh?